Thursday, August 20, 2009

Call to Apostasy

The new executive director of Call to Action is Jim FitzGerald, formerly of Planned Parenthood. Here are some selected excerpts about him from an article in the National Catholic Reporter:

“What’s missing in our church is the freedom to talk without fear about issues like abortion or gay marriage or stem cell research.

“That’s what I love about Call to Action: Everyone’s at the table,” he says, quoting the theme for Call to Action’s November conference. “It’s easy to be in conversation with people who think like you. But if we only do that, we miss out on something that could be very positive for Catholicism.”

…Call to Action staff and board members say they hope FitzGerald’s history and views will help spark respectful conversation within the organization — as is starting to happen around the country — on the issue of abortion.

“If people of goodwill are willing to listen, it will help us all understand that there is no simple answer to this issue,” said Call to Action board member Tom Honoré, who served on the search committee for the position.

Honoré said FitzGerald “respects life as much as any of us,” though the new director’s views are solidly pro-choice.

FitzGerald eschews labels, but thinks abortion should be legal and doesn’t believe life begins at conception. “This issue is extremely complex,” he said. “I honor the person who follows their conscience on it.”

He (FitzGerald) doesn’t see any problem with being Catholic and working for Planned Parenthood.

“No organization — Catholic or otherwise — has done more to prevent abortion than Planned Parenthood,” he (FitzGerald) said, citing its comprehensive sex education services as well as access to affordable birth control.

I wonder how long it will be before Mr. FitzGerald is invited to Rochester to speak at St. Bernard’s? They better hurry-the window of opportunity closes in less than 3 years.

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