Saturday, March 21, 2009

Special honors

From DOR Catholic:

"Two prominent members of the Women's Ordination Conference are currently in charge of Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Rochester. Sister Joan Sobala, SSJ is heading up the Our Lady of Lourdes - St. Anne Church Cluster, while Nancy DeRycke is in charge at Good Shepherd Parish.

Both of these women have now been granted what seems to be a special honor in DOR. Last September Bishop Clark visited Our Lady of Lourdes and formally installed Sister Joan as the cluster's Pastoral Administrator and this past weekend he was at Good Shepherd to lead the installation of Ms. DeRycke as its PA. (The latter must have been more challenging, as it seems the bishop needed 3 Masses to get the job done.)

It is no secret that Bishop Clark has said that he would be happy to ordain women as priestesses, if only Rome would allow it. Well, Rome has emphatically said that it lacks the power to allow it and so the bishop now seems reduced to these public displays of his support for their leadership.

To the best of my knowledge our bishop had never traveled to a parish to formerly install a pastoral administrator until last fall.

Isn't that special?"

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Rob said...

Joan Sobala and Nancy DeRycke continue to lead parishes in Rochester. Joan Sobala delivers the homily quite frequently at St. Anne and Our Lady of Lourdes. Mrs. DeRycke (a former Sister of St. Joseph married to a former priest, Ron Stacy) used to have a layperson named Anne Gallagher give the homily after a short priest homily. The diocese of Rochester likes to call this the "dialogue homily" but any idiot can tell you dialogue homilies are only permitted in children's Masses, and are not two preachers speaking back to back. Mrs. DeRycke also took turns reading the Gospel with a priest in her previous assignment.

Someone save us from this madness!