Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sola Scriptura

From Fr. Longenecker:
"A reader has asked me to elaborate further on the problems with the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura:

1. Protestants like to blame Catholics for promoting non-Biblical, human created, late invented doctrines, but sola Scriptura--on which the entire edifice of Protestantism is based--is a doctrine unheard of until the sixteenth century. It is a doctrine invented by the Reformers and it is a doctrine with no Biblical basis. Ask a Protestant to defend sola Scriptura from Scripture and he can't. There are a few proof texts that uphold Scripture as 'profitable for doctrine, reproof etc' but none teach the doctrine of Scripture alone.

2. Even if you could prove sola Scriptura from Scripture it would be a circular argument. "The Bible is the inspired Word of God and our only authority." "Where does it say that?" "In the Bible." "How do you know the Bible is true?" "Because the Bible says it is and we know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is true." "How do you know that?" "Because its in the Bible." And so on....and on..."

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