Monday, March 16, 2009

The Protestant Meltdown

By David Mills

"Many cradle Catholics I know look at the moral conflicts tearing apart the mainline denominations with sadness, but as a convert from one of them (the Episcopal Church, the most notoriously divided one of them all), I think this is not quite the right response.

We will feel sad at the sight of beloved Christian friends suffering as their churches divide, but we might be heartened to see that because these conflicts express flaws in the original design, they will encourage some to greater friendship, if not full reconciliation, with the Catholic Church..."


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dbonneville said...

"...flaws in the original design..."

What a great way to sum it up. My hope and aim is that Protestants opposed to the Catholic Church for it's sins might level the same intense gaze on the the failings of their own churches and leaders in the last 500 years. But in that examination, I hope they see that while many Protestant Churches have divided and split into annihilation, the Church, with all it's flaws, remains. How can this be, considering it's egregious errors over time? The Catholic answer is that because it's the church Jesus established, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!