Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father


Pope Benedict XVI blesses the faithful during the weekly general ...

"The prayers for the Holy Father post has been by far the most popular post. However, people are shy about adding their contribution. The poll makes it much easier, both for you, as you remain anonymous, and for me, as it makes the tally to send in to the Holy Father all the easier to reckon. Vote as many times as you want, but remember, it is a pledge!" - Fr. George David Byers

Snapshot 10:24PM (2/07):

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Allison said...

Dear Vincenzo, we are praying!

On another note, have you noticed the fashion rivalry and back-n-forth between Fr. Longenecker and Fr. Z?

I can't help but think what a funny photoshop you could do of the 2 of them battling. Fr. Z as superman and Fr. Longenecker as Lex Luther!

Vincenzo said...

It's so wonderful - the great response from so many bloggers who are praying for him.

Yes I saw.. lol.. (see above).

Speaking of Lex, just saw Gene Hackman on TV (Crimson Tide).