Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pope Francis loses temper after almost being pulled over by crowd

By Staff Reporter 

(Catholic Herald) Pope Francis lost his temper yesterday in Mexico after a person pulled him so hard he fell onto a child in a wheelchair.

Video footage shows the Pope stopping to greet children at the edge of a crowd in Morelia’s Jose Maria Pavon Stadium, where he delivered a speech to thousands of young people.

At this point, two arms reached out to grab him, not letting go even as he lost his balance and was pushed onto the child.

Aides and security men stopped the Pope from falling to the ground, and he appeared angry, raising his voice and telling the unseen person, twice in Spanish, “Don’t be selfish!”

The Pope is nearing the end of his six-day trip to Mexico, which began last Saturday. Yesterday he paid tribute to the indigenous people of the country, telling them their land had been stolen.


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