Friday, April 24, 2015

This mega McDonald's bill came to $890

By Katie Little

(CNBC) Spending $10 at McDonald's will buy a fast food feast. Shelling out $890.80? That will get you a "Big Max."

That is how much Moshe Tamssot's bill came to after he tested out the limits of McDonald's new customizable sandwich platform called Create Your Taste. The restaurant adjusted the triple-digit price to merely $24.89 due to what Tamssot said was a pricing bug in the system in a recent YouTube video documenting the meat feat.

The 3.8 pound burger, piled high with dozens of toppings, including multiple types of cheese and condiments, takes the meaning of loaded to a new level.

"That's as big as we could make it without it falling apart," says one employee who brings the monstrosity to Tamssot's table, with the rest of the burger on a side tray. The worker then snaps a photo of the mega burger.

While Tamssot did not have to fork over close to a grand for a burger, the shenanigan could inspire copycats to out-burger him.

"In this test, customers are able to customize their order as they wish," said McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb in an email.

"[S]ome people like to go big or go home when it comes to their burgers," McComb added.

Create Your Taste is now available in about 30 restaurants in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Missouri and Pennsylvania. The chain plans to expand the customizable sandwich platform to more locations in the U.S.


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