Friday, April 10, 2015

Fired Catholic Theology Teacher Patricia Jannuzzi Gets Her Job Back

From the Lepanto Institute:

By Michael Hichborn

 ..The Diocese of Metuchen was flooded with your phone calls, causing Bishop Bootkoski to issue a statement in support of the school’s firing of Jannuzzi. So, we published an open letter to His Excellency and took out another ad. And then we launched a petition to have Patricia Jannuzzi reinstated. Again, you responded in force.

And your grace-inspired call to defend this faithful teacher paid off!

Today, Immaculata High School has issued a statement confirming that Patricia Jannuzzi will be allowed to have her job back. According to the statement published by Life Site News:
“Immaculata High School announced today that all issues related to the employment of teacher Patricia Jannuzzi are resolved,” said the release. According to Brennan, “Immaculata High School has reached an understanding with Patricia Jannuzzi. It is the School’s position that a Catholic school teacher must always communicate the faith in a way that is positive and never hurtful. Tone and choice of words matter and I trust Mrs. Jannuzzi’s stated promise to strive always to teach in a spirit of truth and charity.”

“Given Mrs. Jannuzzi’s otherwise good reputation as an educator over her 30 years at Immaculata, Principal Jean Kline and I have made the decision to reinstate her as a teacher as of today.”
God bless you all for rushing to the defense of this faithful teacher! Let us offer a Rosary in thanksgiving for the great gift Our Blessed Lord has given this teacher and her employers.


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