Friday, February 1, 2013

Cardinal Mahony Versus Mother Angelica

Repost from November 18, 2009:

By John Zmirak

...The source of Mother Angelica's Olympic-level diligence was the fiercely protective love a woman bears her husband -- especially when he suffers innocently for others. She couldn't bear to see her Beloved mocked, and she wouldn't stand idly by. So when that network flippantly questioned the Resurrection, she did found her own network. When U.S. bishops greeted a visit of Pope John Paul II with a show that featured Christ as a female mime, she stopped accepting their programming, despite their string-pulling and threats. When Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles issued a pastoral letter she thought watered down the Real Presence, she critiqued him, point-by-point, on television -- and refused to offer a false apology, even when Cardinal Mahony's machinations got her threatened with interdict (the loss of the Sacraments) and the closure of her community. When still other bishops tried to gain control of EWTN and stifle her loudly orthodox voice, she famously said, "I'll blow the damn thing up before you get your hands on it." Her eyes always focused on the eyes of her Beloved, she was almost blind to the worldly obstacles thrown in her way. She stepped right over them...


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Unknown said...

Hi, I recently found this story on freerepublic. I want to watch the episode where she tore apart Mahoney's letter. Do you know the date of the episode? I want to order it. Thank you