Friday, May 6, 2011

Archbishop Gomez Skips L.A. May Day Rally

“Members of a socialist or communist group”

(California Catholic Daily) Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez snubbed the leftist organizers of the annual May Day Rally in Los Angeles this year and did not attend – unlike his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, who always went out of his way to participate.

“Only a few thousand people showed up for the nine-block march that started early and ended quickly,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “Los Angeles police declined to issue a crowd estimate, but marchers didn't even fill the intersection of Broadway and 1st Street, where the demonstration ended.”

Most of the marchers, said the Times “were union members -- particularly from the Service Employees International Union, which turned out hundreds of people -- or members of a socialist or communist group.”

That compares to a crowd estimate of 60,000 at last year’s march, from which pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tweeted, “At the May Day rally downtown with Cardinal Roger Mahony and 100k other supporters of comprehensive immigration reform.”

Cardinal Mahony even wrote about last year’s event in a May 2, 2010 entry on his blog: “Downtown Los Angeles became a sea of joyous and hopeful people on May Day this year. In a stunning turnout of people of all backgrounds, ages, and affiliations Broadway Street from Temple to Olympic resounded with song, chants, and spirited encouragement for all immigrants in our country.”

Newspapers featured photos of Cardinal Mahony, smiling as he worked his way through last year’s crowds...

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