Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Voris Vortex

From Carol McKinley:

"A few days ago,our friend Jasper linked to post written by Elizabeth Scalia cutting Fr. Pfleger and Cardinal George slack while denouncing Michael Voris.

The conclusion she wanted you to draw was that there isn't a distinction between the evangelization of an apostate priest misleading souls and the wimp of a Bishop who would assign him to pastor innocent children at a school - and those warning people about those errors and faithfully proclaiming Magisterium.

"The Church isn't a Democracy", she says.

That is exactly the point.

When somebody has a hold of a parish and is turning it from the recitation of teachings from the Catechism to the drivel of Al Gore and Joan Chittister, righteous people do not let other souls get led into an abyss.

It isn't a battle of opinions, it's The Institution that guides salvation.

If Elizabeth Scalia wants Catholics to support the appointment of Fr. Pfleger to a school where he will poison the minds of thousand of children while directing her complaints against people who want the Bishops to reign in dissenting 'opinions', she is the one trying to make the Church a democracy..."

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