Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blasphemous Absurdity"Last week at work, I had to leave my work area to participate in a program that is supposed to help us (all the workers) approximately 150 in the room, become more up close and personal with our patients. When I went to the meeting, it was your typical meeting, until the leaders of the group asked us to divide into groups--based on "our" Chinese birth year. That is: the year of the monkey, the rat, the boar...and anyone who has ever gone into a Chinese restaurant probably might know what "sign" they were. After we went to our group areas--I was the monkey--we were handed a packet of perhaps 9 to 12 sheets of paper explaining what characteristics "we" as monkeys had. And it went on further, to separate the Chinese birth year into our Astrological signs--making me a "cancer monkey" because I was born in July.

My stomach sank--what should I do?--this is the occult that I'm now expected to participate in at work. We were to read the papers--the characteristics that "we" as monkeys had. One paragraph said we were the most promiscuous, until we found our true mate and then usually the promiscuity declined..."

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