Sunday, January 2, 2011

Observer columnist says Pope’s visit reduced Dawkins to ‘a rambling and wild-eyed madman’

By Deacon Nick @ Protect the Pope

Kevin McKenna’s  review of 2010 in The Observer newspaper includes his assessment of Richard Dawkins behaviour during Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK:

‘ The Pope’s visit was great but tinged with sadness because it reduced that once-great biologist Richard Dawkins to a rambling and wild-eyed madman hurling foam-flecked adolescent insults at the Roman holy man. I trust someone is giving the scientist his soup and caramelised biscuits as he recuperates. I even hear of a Richard Dawkins care fund. Could someone forward me the address?’

Protect the Pope comment: Couldn’t agree more! It was a relief that the BBC cut away from their coverage of the anti-Catholic jamboree, Protest the Pope, just as Prof. Dawkins was about to froth at the mouth, to show Pope Benedict leaving the Papal Nuncio’s residence to travel to the residential care home. Sadly, video of Dawkins making an embarrassment of himself spread around the web like a virus.  It is sad to see a man of obvious intellect reduced to this gibbering rant of hate.

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