Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Father Tom Euteneuer Update

By Tom O'Toole

"I talked to Father Euteneuer for forty-five minutes on Saturday night, and while he couldn't talk about the reasons he left HLI because his bishop (Bishop Gerald Barbarito) bound him under vows of obedience not to.."


Unknown said...

Connie Gail Gilbert said...

Father Euteneuer! I support you 100%! You were on Sean Hannity again tonight! He just cannot let it go! He is wrong and you are right! I just had to write to you, Father and let you know that I am on your side and I support you,totally! Thank you for your dedication and charity and constant hard work! God bless you abundantly and console you and give you His Choicest Graces and Blessings from on High! Sincerely, Ms.Connie Gilbert,Sarnia,Ontario,Canada (I am an American currently residing in Canada)