Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pointing out the Obvious


Pablo the Mexican said...

A better name for cafeteria Catholics is Roman Protestants.

Inadvertently, you have opened a problem that exists, but few recognize.

The Bishop’s sheeple are not catechized properly. Here is the problem:

Many Catholics want the True Mass, to the chagrin of the Freemasons controlling much of the Church hierarchy.

How do they diffuse the Faithful’s thirst for proper Sacraments and catechism?

Set up Tridentine Masses, pretend to be traditional, such as Novus Ordo Priests with blogs that have traditional pictures, but their parishes are still anti-tradition, and continue to de-catechize the Faithful. Allow, by not verifying, cohabitating couples to Baptize children, let adulterous couples participate in children’s First holy Communions, and so on.

Do everything possible to spread the word that traditional groups like the SSPX are evil, and the Church absolutely forbids contact with them.

Some might call that dog and pony shows, or smoke and mirrors.

On another but related subject, since the video brings up the subject:

Lay people should not use the Church to feed their families unless they are hired by Holy Mother Church.

If we have blogs or websites we should pay for those sites from our own funds. And not ask for support money.

When Protestants beg for funds to support their ‘churches’, they are raping Holy Mother Church, and leading souls into heresy.

The money for Holy Mother Church should not be siphoned off by Chicken Littles, vortexes, spins, or anything else some alarmists might conjure up to make a buck.


kkollwitz said...

"The Bishop’s sheeple are not catechized properly."

Yes, but it's mostly the sheeples' own fault. They are adults who are expected to be responsible with respect to everything else in their lives: they can learn their faith as well as they learned to drive, manage a checkbook or a household, operate a computer, etc.

Think of all the Christians who don't have a hierarchy they can blame for their own spiritual indolence- Catholic adults should put out the same effort to educate themselves.

swissmiss said...

Michael Voris will be speaking at the men's Argument of the Month Club tomorrow (Tuesday) night.