Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cardinal Schonborn's Mass

"The good Cardinal seems to have been going off the rails ever since 2007, when Pope Benedict XVI visited Austria (7-9 September). At the Mass for the 850th Anniversary of the founding of Mariazell, the Pope and the concelebrating bishops were all dressed in what some referred to as "tie-dyed" chasuables.
Then the uproar in the Diocese of Linz, in which His Grace distinguished himself by his rudeness to the Holy Father and His Holiness' nominee for the episcopate of Linz. Schoenborn actually wrote a letter to the people of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Here is an excerpt:
"I can imagine that many of you don't feel too good at the moment. Neither do I. Once again we are confronted with occurrences that cause grief and indignation. They make us shake our heads and seem incomprehensible. And once again the Church has been made to look stupid and so have we. And again we ask, ‘Is this really necessary? Have we deserved this? Are we to be spared nothing?"
The "occurrences" that made the Church "look stupid" were the removal of the excommunications of the four SSPX bishops and the naming of Fr. Gerhard Maria Wagner as the Bishop of Linz. How's that for stepping up and supporting the Pope?
Following that, His Grace delivered a "lay initiative," which asked for the end of mandatory celibacy for priests and the ordination of married men.
So, true to form, Schoenborn bumbles his way into Medjugorje and starts more trouble.
What is wrong with this man?" - (source)