Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Unfaithful Bishops and Catholic Media

By Michael Voris

(ChurchMilitant.TV)  Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

The Catholic Establishment Media cannot be trusted. They are in the pockets of the US bishops, many of whom have a strange view of the Church.

Case in point – the failure to report on the scandal caused by Cardinal Dolan, repeated scandals actually, but more on the media in a moment.

We can certainly thank Cardinal Dolan of New York for one thing – his wicked endorsement of active homosexuals being allowed to march under their sodomite banner in the St. Patrick’s Day parade has finally taken the mask off the loss of supernatural faith among various bishops and cardinals in the US hierarchy.

If you hear only one thing from this episode, it is this – various bishops and other leaders in the Church do not believe the Catholic faith. They do not possess supernatural faith.

This is clear by their actions, statements, silence in the face of assorted evils and willingness to so frequently change the topic from sexual immorality to social justice.

Their version of social justice is a scam, a fraud that diverts attention from the REAL evil in the Church these days – the sins of sexual impurity and their failure to address them.

They don’t address them because they don’t really care about them - and they don’t really care about them because they don’t really believe there are any supernatural consequences for them. If they DID believe that, then they certainly have a very odd way of demonstrating their fear for their flock and our eternal lives.

Quote evidently, they don’t believe souls got to hell for these sins because – at the end of the day – they don’t really believe that anyone goes to hell. That’s why they keep their mouths shut about sin, hell, and the need for confession. They don’t take it seriously.

They don’t believe hardly any souls – if actually any go to Hell – and that is THE hallmark of their lack of supernatural faith – it is the episcopal heresy of our day. It is a heresy of silence fueled by a lack of supernatural faith.

There is the report of a talk that Bishop Sheen was giving one day about Hell, when a lady in the front row piped up and said, “I don’t believe in hell”, and the Venerable bishop Sheen responded, “You will when you get there Madam.” Take copious notes here bishops – very careful notes – there is a Hell and souls go there. Check the scriptures.

You may not have noticed, but it has been almost a week since news broke of the decision by Cardinal Dolan (one leader who appears lacking in the supernatural faith department based on his continued, non-stop causing of scandal to the faithful) and his decision about gays in the parade.

Almost entire week. In this week, we have been paying very close attention to the internet sites of the Catholic Establishment Media – EWTN, Catholic News Agency, Zenit, Catholic Answers, the Catholic page on Patheos, and a host of others. The only place we could find anything about this evil was at the National Catholic Register’s bloggers’ page where Pat Archbold from Creative Minority Report wrote a brilliant piece.

There isn’t one word, not one OFFICIAL word covering this story of Cardinal Dolan applauding the inclusion of people in a parade .. dedicated to the memory of one of the Church’s greatest saints .. who celebrate their mortal sin and indentify themselves accordingly. To add insult to his sin of scandal, Dolan has agreed to lead the parade as Grand Marshal. Disgusting.

Disgusting as well is the hypocrisy of the sites and media sources of the Catholic world who hold themselves out as reliable sources of news and information in the Catholic world. This proves the case once and for all – they are NOT reliable sources. They are every bit as bad as the secular media who spin and distort and keep THEIR mouths shut about evils in the secular world. The Catholic Establishment Media is bought and sold, owned lock stock and barrel by the Establishment Church and various bishops like Charles Chaput who set the agenda and determine what can be talked about and what can’t.

They possess as much journalistic integrity as many of the bishops possess supernatural faith – which is to say – painfully little. If they had integrity, they could not have ignored the most sensational story to hit the Catholic world in months – in fact, since Dolan said on national TV, “Bravo” about gay would be NFL linebacker Michael Sam’s coming out as gay. Can you imagine one of the apostles saying bravo to mortal sin?

That little incident, by the way, earning Dolan the unflattering nickname of “Cardinal Bravo”.

There is simply no rationale for any of these internet supposed-news outlets to ignore the most talked about story on the Catholic internet in months. No rationale that is – except they are controlled by the very bishops and powers that they would need to expose in any reporting – so that aint gonna happen.

Bottom line then – they cannot be trusted. None of them. This story about Dolan and the gays in the St. Patrick’s Day parade made SECULAR news for gosh sake. We here at Church Militant.TV produced a Special report that had a reach of close to 100,000 on our Church Militant.TV Facebook page alone.

Add in all the other faithful Catholic websites and blogs willing to talk about this and there is simply no excuse at all, under any circumstances that the Catholic Establishment Media can offer for ducking on this story – except their masters don’t want it covered.

We are indeed in strange times in the Church my fellow Catholics. For decades now, as this crisis of faith has unfolded in the hierarchy, various Catholics have simply been left in the dark about it, and contributing to that darkness are other Catholics in a position to help do something about it. They have not. So other Catholics must rise up and do something.

GOD Love You,

I’m Michael Voris


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