Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When Lauren Bacall Taught Raymond Arroyo About Book Promotion

By Raymond Arroyo

"Put your lips together and weep… Legendary actress Lauren Bacall is dead at 89. Twenty years ago, at a bookstore in Pentagon City, Ms. Bacall taught me something about promoting books. She entered the store and asked where her new memoir ...was located. Sweeping past me, she gathering multiple copies of the book in her arms. She then proceeded to replace all the books in the window with her tome. "I have a new book, dear," Bacall told the stunned sales people. "Readers need to know about it. You too." And with that she shoved one in my hands. I made her sign it. She was a great dame and the last of a vanishing breed of Hollywood stars. May she rest in peace."


Photo - h/t to Ann Barnhardt

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