Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's "In" for 2013.... and beyond.

From Belinda's Brain:

Out; Saints.                        In; Sinners
Out; Limo service.               In; Bus rides with your bro's.
Out; Argentina apartments. In; Italian summer retreat homes  -Castel Gandolfo (Unless you can score something more uncomfortable.) 
Out; Benedictines.               In; Jesuits.
Out; German as your first language. In; Spanish as your first language.
Out; Room service.              In; Get up and get it yourself.
Out; Central heat.                In; Rooms heated by a cook stove and a prayer.
Out; Two lungs filled with the Holy Spirit.   In; One big lung filled with the Holy Spirit.
Out; Insincere warm wishes from Satan.  In; Insincere warm wishes from Obama.
Out; Conversions of poor sinners prompted by words.  In; Conversions of poor sinners prompted by actions.
Out; Kissing babies.  In; Kissing feet.
Out; Addressing your fellow Cardinals as Lord Cardinals.  In; Addressing your fellow Cardinals as brothers.
Out; Sitting at the head of the table.    In; Sitting where ever, but preferably where no one else will notice you.
Out; A well deserved retirement.         In; Grueling schedules and serious life changes.
Out; A return ticket to Argentina.        In; A return ticket to Germany.
Out; Emulating Christ and his kingship by utilizing the seat of St.Peter in grandiose style - which is acceptable.
In;    Emulating Christ by embracing poverty as he had done, along with Franciscan ideals... (continued)


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belinda said...

Looks like I'm -"In" this year... being a sinner and all.

I'm glad my blogger buddy hasn't forgotten me! I miss Vincenzo, Cathy, and Miss Swiss.