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Prayers for Judith Anne

Posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 5:14:58 PM by Chantillie

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Judith Anne was admitted to the hospital the day after Christmas having suffered a serious stroke....

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I have not met any of you, but I am Judith Anne's daughter, Annie- I knew of some of you from the many times she talked with me about discussions here, friends, and some very feisty debates~ I KNOW she would want me to let you guys know whats happened in the past few days-

The morning after Christmas, mom my had a pretty bad headache. She's had issues with allergies off and on, so nothing was thought of it and she decided to lay down and take a nap. She woke about an hour later with out the use of the left side of her body- I called the ambulance and she was brought to the E.R.

Information has been back and forth during the past 36 hours on exactly what her condition was. However, at the last consult with her doctor, things have worsened to an extent that there is no longer a "getting better."

Her first stroke affected the right middle portion of her brain, as well as caused her to have a heart attack.

Both arteries in her neck are completely blocked. The first CT (when she arrived at the hosp.) compared to the CT done today showed considerable expansion of damage along with an additional stroke affecting the left side of her brain. Her heart is only working at about 20%. There are additional factors that is simply too much to get into now, but needless to say we are going to follow her standing wishes in the request of no outstanding measures to keep her body alive as well as a DNR. At this point, there is no way to stop the progression of damage, and she is not waking nor responding in any fashion to outside stimuli. We're hoping for a few days more just so family can come down and have their chance to say goodbyes~ Prayers are desperately appreciated! in all honesty, at this point I don't know what to do....Gods hand is over us, and He IS with us! A priest was able to go in yesterday afternoon to offer the anointing of the sick as well as administer last rights (again, something she felt strongly about if there were ever a chance she would be in a possible life threatening situation)~

I hate to be passing on such sad news, but I knew she would want you guys to know~

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