Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Statement From the Diocese of Dallas Regarding Pregnant Mother Thrown out of Mass

H/T to  Church Militant/St. Michael's Media on Facebook

Statement from the Diocese of Dallas

The young woman involved in this incident that occurred two weeks ago was not arrested or ticketed.  She was issued a trespass warning.

 The pastor of the parish has required masks at Mass out of concern for the health and welfare of his entire congregation.  Canon law grants pastors jurisdiction over their parishes, and while the bishop has not mandated masks for every parish, he has left these specific details to the pastors of the Diocese, adding that he expects the faithful to wear masks out of charity and concern for others. We recognize that not everyone can wear masks, but that those who can, should.

The Diocese is looking into the details regarding this incident, and, recognizing that this pandemic has been stressful for everyone, an increase of patience and charity is necessary during these days.



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