Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pope Francis wants a transformation of the papacy and a synodal Church

By Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Since the beginning of the pontificate of Pope Francis – or could we coin a new phrase? The “periphery of Pope Francis”? – I have been saying that his aim is to weaken the Roman Curia. HERE and HERE and HERE are examples.

Today Francis addressed members of the Synod, et al., on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Synod of Bishops.

I think this speech (HERE) may be a turning point of some kind.  I don’t know what kind, yet.
Clearly, the Pope wants a more “Synodal Church”.  He says that this has been his intention from the beginning of his
pontificate… periphery. He said (my translations):
Fin dall’inizio del mio ministero come Vescovo di Roma ho inteso valorizzare il Sinodo, che costituisce una delle eredità più preziose dell’ultima assise conciliare.

From the beginning of my ministry as Bishop of Rome I intended to enhance the Synod, which constitutes one of the most precious legacies of the last conciliar assembly (i.e. Vatican II).
He goes on with comments about sensus fidei that I am going to have to parse with patience.   Including:...  (continued)


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