Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg - why are you picking on priests while apologizing to "others"?

By Sarah Palin

Hey Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook - why are you picking on priests while apologizing to "others"?
Friends, have you heard about this? Facebook is forcing members of religious orders to remove their titles – their spiritual and vocational identities like "Monsignor" and "Father" – when using the social media monopoly, while permitting everyone else to use titles like "Father". In fact, Facebook just publicly apologized "to drag queens, drag kings... ," etc. for any confusion regarding THEIR allowance to use whatever names and titles they choose on Facebook, like "Father"! Surely this is just a management oversight, eh? Granted, they're a monopoly, but if enough of us speak up about their intolerance, then let's hope they get the message and allow freedom of religion. If not, there's not much point in any of us hanging in there with Facebook, right? Here's my coverage of the issue in One America News Network:


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