Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Christian Martyr: Martin of Boston at Church

From the Internet:

"PRAY FOR BOSTON: 8-yr old Martin Richard, who died in the attack the day after receiving his First Holy Communion symbolizes our pain and yet at the same time our hope: his 1st Communion banner, with the dove of peace, the Holy Spirit, and the Eucharistic Chalice and Bread, makes us pray to the Risen Lord, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, in Whom we place our final hope."

H/t to Ann Barnhardt:
"Cruise over to Orbis Catholicus Secundus where Mr. Sonnen (voted best smirk-weasel in the Catholic blogosphere) is leading the way in reporting on young Martin Richard, the boy who was murdered in the Boston jihad attack. 

Young Martin received his first Holy Communion the day before he died. Mr. Sonnen has pics.
That is a bittersweet consolation. God is good."

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