Friday, January 30, 2009

Mormons to build gigantic temple in front of Marian shrine in Honduras

.- The decision by the Mormon Church to build an enormous temple in front of the most popular Marian shrine in Honduras, Our Lady of Suyapa, has unleashed a wave of criticism and protest, according to Honduran media.

Protestors say the construction of the temple would block the famous view of the shrine of Our Lady of Suyapa as it is approached from a distance.

According to the Honduran daily La Tribuna, “Many Hondurans are concerned because they see an imminent danger that the view that the country has enjoyed of the main Catholic church of Honduras for 262 years is in jeopardy.”

Mormons, whose presence in the country is on the rise, but who have never been the object of hostility on the part of Catholics, have asked the local government for a permit to begin construction.

A large number of the faithful, however, have requested the permit be blocked. “This is about safeguarding the integrity of this national monument, and with the construction of a gigantic temple mere feet from the church of Our Lady of Suyapa, we Hondurans are obliged to conserve, rescue and protect the cultural patrimony of the country,” the protesters said.

The Marian shrine was visited by Pope John Paul II on March 8, 1983, before a crowd of more than one million.


Anonymous said...

That is just plain sick and wrong--how disrespectful the Mormons are! But I'm sure they would love to hide our blessed mother--since they have very little respect for her--I wonder what Jesus will think of His mother being hidden!?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Sadly, Mormon missionaries are everywhere in South and Latin America. I'm not sure where the Catholic missionaries are. Mission seems to be something we are afraid of as Catholics. While we hid, the Mormons moved in.

I'm upset by this story but not surprised.

In any case, Our Lady will not be hid.