Saturday, June 14, 2008

Victory against the sandalistas of the Catholic church

Last updated: 6:29 PM BST 14/06/2008

For 40 years, English Catholic worship has been controlled by a bossy alliance of bishops and politically correct activists known as the "Sandalistas".

Now, a Colombian-born cardinal close to the Pope effectively announced that their time has come to an end.

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos – speaking as an emissary of Pope Benedict – revealed that every parish in England and Wales will be required to offer worshippers the ancient Latin Mass detested by the Sandalistas.

This is great news not just for the Latin Mass Society, but also for growing number of young Catholics who hate going to church because services have been hijacked by Sandalistas.

They are tired of seeing smug lay ministers of Holy Communion parading around the altar as if they were priests, of endless bidding prayers about climate change, and above all by the fake folk music imposed on them by bad amateur composers.

Cardinal Castrillon, president of the pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei, can expect to become a hate figure for Sandalistas. This will not worry him. Before he moved to the Vatican, he took on none other than Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug smuggler. Disguised as a milkman, he negotiated a truce with him – and also heard his confession on the spot.

A man who has faced up to Colombia's most feared drugs baron will not be intimidated by a few geriatric Catholic trendies.

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