Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help Father Select His .45

Henry Big Boy rifle, .45 Long Colt


  1. Well, if dogs go to Heaven, what about guns--if men enjoy them so much--will God allow them in Heaven??? LOL.

  2. Mrs. Star
    I wont need a gun in heaven because there are no bad people there and I wont be hungry. Besides everything there will have already died once so it's totally redundant to kill it again!

    I will however be sneaking in my view master reels and viewer.
    I'll wear a hunting vest and shove the reels and viewfinder into
    those roomy pockets.(instead of ammo and guns -of course)

    *Note to self - I wont need the orange safety clothing and besides I hate the color orange. I hope that color isn't in heaven.

  3. Belinda--I hate the color orange too.


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