Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sede vacante

"We are praying to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, Mother of the Church, that we be sent another gem like Bishop Rhoades. Not an accountant or manager bishop, but a teacher/pastor bishop who also knows how to shepherd rather than relinquishing authority to sycophant bureaucrats who have political agendas and not the good of Holy Mother Church in their minds. PRAY FOR US.

Most of us priests consider ourselves blessed if our our bishop is at least friendly toward us. But even if he is not, it is far more important and necessary that he be a just, honest, orthodox, reverent, compassionate and courageous bishop. Just like parents should not seek to be 'friends' to their children, bishops do not need to be 'friends' they need to be pastors. Friendly, yes; friends, maybe; pastors, always. Bishop Rhoades is a pastor bishop. Friendly but still in charge. I went to seminary with a bishop (he wasn't one then, but became one later, of course) Byzantine Bishop William Skurla of the Eparchy of Passaic for the Ruthenians. We were friends and schoolmates. But he is not my boss. My boss was one of the few bishops who despite his fullness of priesthood and his episcopal authority, nevertheless showed appreciation and respect to his brother priests. That goes a long way...."

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