Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cardinal George: "I feel as if we're doing guerilla warfare here."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie lost his 10-year battle to prevent the Catholic bishops from approving a new Mass translation that he believes is awkward and ungrammatical. But his finale on the floor had the bishops tied up in knots over whether their president, Cardinal Francis George, broke church law when he gave a Vatican office permission to finish one set of English translations without the U.S. bishops' approval...

As Bishop Trautman persisted in his arguments, Cardinal George sighed, "I feel as if we're doing guerilla warfare here."

But he promised to look into a possible solution, drawing laughter when he said, "The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops could sue the Congregation [for Divine Worship] in the Apostolic Signatura" -- the Vatican's highest court. But during a coffee break, Bishop Trautman was mulling the possibility of doing that himself...



  1. I still think being locked in the loo during the break is a viable option.

  2. Oh, my gosh.

    Hey - I kind of thought it was Cardinal George who needed the flak jacket.


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